Server Rules

Guidelines regarding in-game behavior.


No Griefing or Stealing


  Destroying any structures not built by yourself.

  Taking any items not owned by yourself.

  Building within 100 blocks of another claimed area without permission.

  Building any obscene or offensive structures.

NOTE: If unclaimed land is griefed, unclaimed items are stolen, etc; the griefer will be punished. However the damage/items will not be undone. We have a claim plugin, use it.

Chat Spam & Advertising


  Filling chat with repeated content, using full capslock, or pasting blocks of text.

  Telling others to visit an unaffiliated server, website, etc.

Respectful Behavior


  No Racist, Homophobic, Xenophobic, or otherwise disrespectful remarks towards others.

  Do not intentionally cause emotional distress to others.

  Staff decisions and punishments are final, do not argue or cause drama regarding such decisions.

Hacks & Exploits


  Creating / Using / Abusing any Server / Game exploits.

  Some mods are permitted, always double-check with a staff member before using one.

NOTE: This rule also covers misusing gameplay features, such as staircase glitching or pearl glitching.



  Anything that is seen to cause lag on the server is not allowed, and you will be asked to remove it. (ie: Massive redstone devices, tnt dupers, etc)

  Any method of circumventing the AFK timer is against the rules. (ie: auto reloggers)

General Rules

Guidelines regarding general community behavior.




  Be friendly and always show respect to others, no matter their role, personality, ethnicity, etc.

  No links or posts may contain NSFW materials, racism, disturbing content, or advertisements.

  As our community is primarily english-speaking, please keep the use of other languages to a minimum.

  Harassment, pornographic, abusive, hate speech, excessive swearing, and/or any other kind of discriminatory act will not be tolerated.

NOTE: When joining the server, either Minecraft or Discord, you accept the listed rules and as such accept the consequences should you violate any of them.

NOTE: As a result of a community poll in early 2021, the staff team has the right to ban players if we receive multiple complaints of them being toxic, obnoxious, or generally annoying.