The 1.19 Update

The 1.19 Update

It’s been a long time coming, and here it is; the biggest changelog to date.
We’re officially on the 1.19 update, as well as fully public with the whitelist disabled!

The following changes have been implemented from May 26 through June 30.

General Changes (Minecraft)

! The server is now running on 1.19
! The server is no longer Whitelisted

! Rheyn Realm has been expanded from 10k x to 12k x
! Removed Legacy Realm
! Removed/Disabled Virtual Currency/Economy

! New Server Moderator : ChandlerMaj

+ Added new Advertisment Graphics for the server
+ Added two new vote websites
+ Added Items to Token Exchange : Chicken Spawn Egg, Pig Spawn Egg, Cow Spawn Egg, Sheep Spawn Egg, Cat Spawn Egg, Wolf Spawn Egg, Turtle Spawn Egg, Axolotl Spawn Egg, Bee Spawn Egg, Frog Spawn Egg, Parrot Spawn Egg, Mooshroom Spawn Egg, Panda Spawn Egg
+ Added Items to Token Exchange : Netherite Shovel (Strange), Netherite Axe (Strange), Netherite Pickaxe (Strange), Netherite Hoe (Strange), Netherite Sword (Strange), Netherite Helmet (Strange), Netherite Chestplate (Strange), Netherite Leggings (Strange), Netherite Boots (Strange)
+ New Item : Bag of Strange Tokens
+ Added /ptime to Rank Adept (#37)
+ Added Artifact Key Server Drop to Store
+ Added Cosmetic Key Server Drop to Store
+ Added Player Leaderboards to Spawn
+ Added Player Trade system
+ Added Token Exchange system to spawn
+ Massive overhaul to spawn area
+ Added Tutorial/Info cave/area at spawn
+ Discord to Game chat now has an image prefix
+ Per-World permission access
+ Implemented new Crates system
+ Implemented Enter/Exit notifications for spawn buildings
+ Implemented custom models for various items & displays
/ Completely overhauled pre-existing Crates
/ Updates Keys & Tokens in Rank Kits
/ Addressed issue with voting
/ Fixed Crate Keys in /exchange
/ Addressed issue with /pweather not working
/ Updated Staff Hall displays
/ Updated RTP Rheyn display
/ Updated /staff menu display
/ Addressed issue with livemap loading delays
/ Updated Moderator staff responsibilities/permissions
/ Addressed issue with Spawner Placing
/ Addressed issue with Smite cuffing/uncuffing
/ Addressed issue with Strange Tokens voting reward
/ Addressed issue with experience voting reward
/ Linked Rheyn Nether/End Portals to appropriate worlds
/ Reduced drop-rate of Strange Tokens in boss dungeons (#46)
/ Resolved issue with activating new Companions
/ Addressed issues with Crate access
/ Reduced file-size of CTI resources
/ Migrated Chat Tag handling from PEX to LP
/ Moved handling of Tablist from TAB to CMI
/ Addressed issue with Webstore packages
/ Updated /help menu display
/ Relocated player spawn-point
/ Relocated various spawn features
/ Aesthetic changes around spawn
/ Implemented new hologram/names above interactable NPCs

x Banned Player AffizzZ : XRay
x Banned Player Arckaila_Junior : XRay
x Banned Player TerrariaGood: XRay & Absolute Shit Behavior

Removed 23.7GB of redundant/unused files
Removed Auction House system

! Migrated Permissions system to LuckPerms

+ Added Plugin ShopKeepers
+ Added Plugin LuckPerms
+ Added Plugin Trade-System
+ Added Plugin LootCrate
+ Added Plugin ajLeaderboards
+ Added Plugin Multiverse-NetherPortals

/ Updated Software PaperMC
/ Updated Plugin ItemsAdder
/ Updated Plugin Multiverse-Core
/ Updated Plugin CMI
/ Updated Plugin CMILib
/ Updated Plugin FastASyncWorldEdit
/ Updated Plugin HPet
/ Updated Plugin LibDisguises
/ Updated Plugin AnimatedScoreboard
/ Updated Plugin Images
/ Updated Plugin WorldGuardExtraFlags
/ Updated Plugin GriefPreventionFlag
/ Updated Plugin ProtocolLib
/ Updated Plugin SquareMap
/ Updated Plugin Shopkeepers
/ Updated Plugin PlayerVaultsX
/ Updated Plugin Vault

Removed Plugin TAB
Removed Plugin DoorsReloaded
Removed Plugin BossShopPro
Removed Plugin PermissionsEX
Removed Plugin NexEngine
Removed Plugin ExcellentCrates
Removed Plugin AuctionHouse
Removed Plugin ServerBackup
Removed Plugin ChestShop

General Changes (Discord)

! Staff Members now have custom role icons based on their role as a team member, hover the icon to verify their in-game username.

+ Added Rank Icon for Owner
+ Added Rank Icon for Admin
+ Added Rank Icon for Moderator
+ Added Rank Icon for Helper
+ Added Rank Icon for Booster
+ Added Channel #✧》ꜱᴏᴄɪᴀʟ-ꜰᴇᴇᴅ to display social media posts

/ Enabled New Discord Text-VC Feature
/ Addressed issue with Reactions in #whitelist channel (#38)
/ Renamed/Redesigned Channels

Removed Channel : #FAQ, #VOICE-TEXT
Removed Roles : Wiki Master, Wiki Contributor, Bug Fixer

General Changes (Website)

/ Updated Plugin Jetpack
/ Updated Plugin Kirki Framework

Removed Plugin Duplicator