QOL Update

QOL Update

Changing how updates work..

In the past, server updates and changes have been posted on a nearly daily basis through our Discord server. This changes today however, as we are changing to a website post, encompassing any & all changes introduced to the server within the past few weeks.
A notification will be broadcasted in the Discord server whenever a new changelog/update has been posted, however expect only one or two posts per month.

We’ve gone whitelisted..

A permanent whitelist has been implemented on the Grotto SMP server.  This decision has been made to allow more dedication towards back-end and content-oriented server updates, as compared to previous efforts on player-base expansion and advertisement campaigns.  From this point forward, anyone who wishes to access the server must first join our Discord server.

General Changes (Minecraft)

/ Modified server MOTD display
/ Converted Auctionhouse system to PlayerAuctions
/ Fixed issue with Crates not functioning
/ Fixed issue with Auctions not functioning
/ Players can no longer win the same Cosmetic Crate reward more than once
/ Re-implemented Quest Counter hologram

Removed /dlink command

/ Updated Software PaperMC
/ Updated Plugin DiscordSRV
/ Updated Plugin CoreProtect
/ Updated Plugin PlayerAuctions
/ Updated Plugin FastAsyncWorldEdit
/ Updated Plugin Quests
/ Updated Plugin HPet
/ Updated Plugin MythicMobs
/ Updated Plugin ProtocolLib
/ Updated Plugin SuperVanish
/ Updated Plugin NexEngine
/ Updated Plugin ExcellentCrates
/ Updated Plugin ItemsAdder
/ Updated Plugin CMILib
/ Updated Plugin CMI

General Changes (Discord)

+ Added Role : Whitelisted
+ Added Channel : #whitelist

/ Renamed #announcements to #news
/ Recolored all roles

Removed Channel : #changelogs
Removed Channel : #random-stuff
Removed Role : Verified
Removed Role : ======STAFF ROLES======
Removed Role : ======PING ROLES======