QoL Update

QoL Update

The following changes have been implemented from April 6th through May 2nd.

NOTE: The previously announced dungeon replacements are being postponed (again) to the next changelog, as more work and effort is put into the aesthetic and features of the new dungeons.

General Changes (Minecraft)

+ New Rank Prefix images
+ New Advertisement Banner
+ New Crafting Recipe : Rooted Dirt
+ Double-doors will now open/close together
+ Players can now knock on doors while crouching
+ Rank Wanderer can now right-click to open/close iron doors
+ Added items to Marketplace : Purple Wool, Blue Wool, Green Wool, Red Wool, Deepslate, Cobbled Deepslate, Dripstone Block, Tuff, Azalea Leaves, Flowering Azalea Leaves, Wheat
+ Added items to Artifact Crate : Iron/Gold/Diamond/Netherite Scythes, Iron/Gold/Diamond/Netherite Battleaxes, Charm of Eyrie, Charm of Roake, Charm of Sheri, Charm of Telo, Arol Elixir, Hento Elixir, Monol Elixir, Terv Elixir
+ Added items to Traveling Merchant : Honeycomb, Turtle Egg
/ Updated /recipes display
/ Updated /ranks display
/ Updated /vote command
/ Crouching while interacting with a buy/sell sign now buys/sells a full inventory quantity
/ Chest/Sign Shops can now be placed only in claimed areas
/ Disabled Chest/Sign shop console logging (thanks to everyone who spams my console lol)
/ Addressed issue with Artifact Crate not working properly
/ Aesthetic changes to Crate displays
/ Aesthetic changes around spawn
/ Aesthetic changes to game Announcements
/ Addressed issue with Vote keys not being given
/ Addressed issue with Namiro dungeon despawn
/ Addressed issue with /rankup missing requirements
/ Converted Vote handling to CMI
/ Redesigned Exit/Logout menu display
/ Began re-creating Votecount database
/ Replaced Vote Links #1 & #4
Removed Crafting Recipe : Phantom Membrane
Removed items from Traveling Merchant : Rabbit Stew, Lead

x Permanently Banned Player : Repelaaja4000

+ Added Plugin : DoorsReloaded

/ Updated Software PaperMC
/ Updated Plugin CMI
/ Updated Plugin CMILib
/ Updated Plugin FastAsyncWorldEdit
/ Updated Plugin ItemsAdder
/ Updated Plugin McMMO
/ Updated Plugin HPet
/ Updated Plugin ExcellentCrates
/ Updated Plugin NexEngine
/ Updated Plugin Quests
/ Updated Plugin PWarp
/ Updated Plugin MythicMobs

Removed Plugin SuperbVote

General Changes (Discord)

+ New Server Header Image
+ New Server Invite Background
+ New Server Invite URL
+ New Channel Category : SMP
+ New Channel Category : SUPPORT
+ Added Trello/Roadmap URL to #information
+ New Banned message
+ New Ticket system for Suggestions/Reports
+ Added Tickets Bot

/ Reformatted Welcome message
/ Separated #whitelist & #game-chat into new SMP category

Removed YAGPDB bot

General Changes (Website)

! Migrated web server host

+ Created Sitemap files for better SEO
/ Images/Resources should now load faster