Gameplay Update

Gameplay Update

At the time of this news post, the Legacy Realm is on a count-down to removal.
This was a decision requested by *many* community members, and put to a Community Poll.

Players have until June 1st to move any items from Legacy to Rheyn, before Legacy is lost forever. (A world download will be available on the website.)

The following changes have been implemented from May 2 through May 26.

General Changes (Minecraft)

! New Team Member : AlmightyGinger : Helper
! New Team Member : Mx_Simple : Helper

! Overhauled Strange Tokens // Convert old ones in the /tokens menu!

+ New Dungeon : Moocifer’s Dungeon
+ New Command : /dungeons (Teleports to dungeon lobby at spawn)
+ Added Items to Vote Crate : $1500, $5000
+ Added Items to End Warp Market : Eye of Ender (Suggestion #22), Phantom Membrane
+ Added Items to Spawn Market : Black Wool, Gray Wool, Light Gray Wool, Brown Wool
+ Player Rank Explorerer now has access to /anvil

/ Modified Helper Menu
/ Addressed issue with Staff Glow Effect
/ Regenerated Resource Realm on new seed
/ Resource Realm worldborder adjusted to 2.5k x 2.5k
/ Addressed issue with /rtp distances
/ Updated /staff display
/ Updated staff hall
/ Updated Helper rank responsibilities
/ Updated /help information
/ Cosmetic Crate should no longer give duplicate rewards
/ Fixed glitched appearance of leather armors
/ Major aesthetic changes around spawn
/ Addressed issue with Crate Key items in store
/ Aesthetic changes at Nether Warp
/ Updated Elixir Vial texture
/ Addressed issue with Dungeon Exit portals
/ Chat Games now gives 2 Strange Tokens
/ Dungeon Bosses now drop Strange Tokens on the ground rather than in the inventory
/ Increased drop-rate of Strange Tokens from Dungeon Bosses

Removed Death Location Map item (finally)
Removed Spawn Parkour system
Removed all broken leaderboards from spawn
Removed Tutorial Cavern from spawn
Disabled Pillager Raids in Rheyn Realm
Removed Items from Vote Crate : 8 Rockets, 16 Rockets, 16 Copper, 16 Lapis, 32 Redstone, 32 Coal, $50, $250
Removed $50 from Voting Reward
Removed 651 Redundant/Unused files

/ Updated Software PaperMC
/ Updated Plugin FastAsyncWorldedit
/ Updated Plugin CMI
/ Updated Plugin CMILib
/ Updated Plugin AuctionHouse
/ Updated Plugin ItemsAdder
/ Updated Plugin PWarp
/ Updated Plugin Quests
/ Updated Plugin MythicMobs
/ Updated Plugin HPet
/ Updated Plugin Squaremap
/ Updated Plugin McMMO

Removed Plugin WorldBorder
Removed Plugin ajParkour
Removed Plugin ajLeaderboard

General Changes (Discord)

+ New daily Vote Reminder
+ New Roles : @Wiki Master, @Wiki Contributor, @Bug Fixer, @Former Staff

General Changes (Website)

/ Addressed issue with Vote page links
/ Updated Jetpack software
/ Updated WordPress Software
/ Updated WordPress Database