Another QOL Update

Another QOL Update

This changelog follows the previous one, in that it is composed mostly of Quality of Life server updates.

General Changes (Minecraft)

+ New Raid Dungeon : Namiro
+ New Item Class : Primordial (Namiro Dungeon Loot)
+ New Items : Tomato, Garlic, Lettuce, Rice, Tomato Seeds, Garlic Seeds, Rice Seeds, Lettuce Seeds
+ Added 7 Chat Game words

/ Implemented new item & boss despawn system for dungeons (courtesy: Miyuki_The_Neko)
/ Regenerated Resource Realm on new seed
/ Extended Resource Realm worldborder from 2k to 3k
/ Reformatted Chat Games messages
/ Chat Game rewards changed to $150 & 1x Strange Token
/ Reduced volume of McMMO sound effects
/ Reduced Market sell price for Slime Balls
/ McMMO no longer notifies nearby players when an ability is activated
/ Addressed issue with Goliath dungeon hologram
/ Addressed issue with Cyclo dungeon hologram
/ Magicked Item Class is now a Legacy item class (can no longer be acquired outside of the Artifact Crate)
/ Modified server MOTD display
/ Aesthetic tweaks around spawn
/ Resolved issue with new Crate Keys not working (Reported By: KingTempest)
/ Addressed issue with Dungeon Quests (Reported By: Mx Simple)
/ Resolved issue with Crate Keys received from crates not working (Reported By: Chandler)
/ Adjusted drop-table for Dungeon Boss : Namiro
/ Adjusted drop-table for Dungeon Boss : Goliath
/ Adjusted drop-table for Dungeon Mobs : Namiro Guards
/ Modified Health & Damage stats on Dungeon Mobs : Namiro Guards
/ Modified Skills of Dungeon Boss : Namiro
/ Modified /recipes menu display
/ Addressed issue with Companion Pets not functioning properly
/ Addressed issue allowing Wither Building in the Rheyn Realm (Can only be built in The End)
/ Reduced McMMO Mining Exp for various blocks
/ Addressed issue with custom food/crop textures
/ Addressed issue with Namiro Dungeon guard despawns

Removed Quest Category : Dungeons
Removed so many default items with our custom resource plugin
Removed 3 Chat Game words
Removed Dungeon : Agnol
Removed Cosmetic Crate rewards : #BitchLasagna, #YeeHaw, #Dad, #Mom, #TTV, #Priest

x Permanently Banned Player : Xvertiz : Fly Hack

/ Updated Software PaperMC
/ Updated Plugin McMMO
/ Updated Plugin FastAsyncWorldEdit
Updated Plugin ItemsAdder
Updated Plugin HPet
Updated Plugin CoreProtect
Updated Plugin CMI
Updated Plugin CMILib
Updated Plugin DiscordSRV

General Changes (Discord)

+ Added Discord Bot :
+ Roles are now separated by ‘separator’ roles
New Auto Responder to messages about ‘joining‘ the server
New Channel : #stream-alerts
New Role : @Partnered Streamer

Reformatted Welcome Screen
/ Reformatted #roles channel messages