1.19 / 1.19.1 News

1.19 / 1.19.1 News

As much of our community is likely aware, Minecraft 1.19.1 is an absolute disaster of a game update.

After updating the SMP server earlier last week, we encountered a multitude of broken server features ranging from our custom items/models/recipes not working, to our livemap crashing the server, and much more.

As a result, we ran a community poll a few days ago to see if the community would be willing to accept a 1-week server-wide rollback, in exchange for us reverting the server back to 1.19, essentially fixing everything that had broken.

The result of this poll was an overwhelming 20-for / 0-against, so the rollback has gone through and the server is once again on 1.19.

We will not be updating the server to 1.19.1 until we can be absolutely certain that it won’t negatively affect our features, custom content, and overall gameplay experience.

Players should still be able to connect to the server with a 1.19.1 client, however the server itself will remain on 1.19 for the foreseeable future.

Please let a staff member know, immediately, if you find anything that appears broken or not working properly on the server.

As always, thanks for your patience and understanding..

~Grotto SMP~

Click Here.. for information about the 1.19.1 update

The following changes have been implemented from July 1 through August 1

General Changes (Minecraft)

+ Added Entry/Exit messages to Staff Hall, Quest Building, Info Cave
+ Added items to Voting Crate : Artifact Key, Cosmetic Key, 4x Voting Key, 2x Shulker Shell, Saddle, 16x Sea Lantern, 64x Spruce Log, 64x Oak Log, 32x Shroomlight, 1x Campfire, 1x Cake, 16x Golden Carrot, 1x Shulker Box, 2x Diamond Ore, 2x Ancient Debris, 8x Pearlescent Froglight, 8x Verdant Froglight, 8x Ochre Froglight, 1x Diamond Pickaxe, 1x Diamond Axe, 1x Diamond Shovel, 2x Golden Apple, 32x Gold Ingot, 32x Mangrove Log, 250 Claim Blocks, 500 Claim Blocks, 750 Claim Blocks
+ New chat announcement when someone votes
+ New server icon & banner
+ New Exchange NPC : Heads
+ New Parkour in the spawn
+ New Drop Party area in the spawn
+ New Images/Labels above Spawn NPCs
+ Added correct word on Chat Game end notification
+ Added Quests Category : Killing (100 Quests)

/ Aesthetic changes around spawn
/ Reformatted chat announcements
/ Modified rank image prefixes
/ Moved Event Handling from Ren world to EventsW world
/ Sideboard now displays correct rank prefixes
/ Implemented various optimization settings
/ Reformatted Player Info on-hover
/ Addressed issue with sideboard
/ Optimized Lootcrate configurations
/ Addressed issue with Companion Eggs not working (#73)
/ Increased claim life from 60 days to 90 days if player is offline
/ Addressed issue with various /(rank)claims commands allowing infinite uses (#59)
/ Updated tutorial signs (#61)
/ Addressed issue with Vote URL 6 rewards (#66)
/ Fixed holograms above crates
/ Fixed Donation Store Companions not giving properly
/ Retextured Strange Token

Removed Strange Tokens from Rank Kits (#60)
Removed Broken/Old Claimdata files
Removed Redundant/Unused WorldGuard Directories
Removed How to Claim Land book
Removed Custom Chat Tag from Store
Removed 496 unused files from server resource pack

x Permanently Banned Player : chinoo23 : XRay
x Permanently Banned Player : Giparas : XRay
x Permanently Banned Player : Fire_72 : XRay
x Permanently Banned Player : zhlub : XRay
x Permanently Banned Player : AndreiHDgaming : XRay
x Permanently Banned Player : tanzaff123 : Spam & Toxicity
x Permanently Banned Player : Die_Putin3782 : Toxicity
x Permanently Banned Player : SenDy1an : Fly
x Permanently Banned Player : baconatorwitfar : Spam & Toxicity
x Permanently Banned Player : WaifuNoLifuWoF : Hacking
x Permanently Banned Player : MightyBuilder10 : XRay
x Permanently Banned Player : MrBahia69: Grief
x Permanently Banned Player : MooseInAHotTub : Grief
x Permanently Banned Player : GoldyyFishyy: Annoying lil Shitass
x Permanently Banned Player : 0fnc : Grief

+ Added Plugin UltraCosmetics
+ Added Plugin RGBarrows
+ Added Plugin ViaVersion
+ Added Plugin WorldEdit

/ Updated Paper
/ Updated Plugin CMI
/ Updated Plugin CMILib
/ Updated Plugin FastAsyncWorldEdit
/ Updated Plugin ItemsAdder
/ Updated Plugin ProtocolLib
/ Updated Plugin SuperVanish
/ Updated Plugin GriefPreventionFlags
/ Updated Plugin LootCrate
/ Updated Plugin ajLeaderboards
/ Updated Plugin Quests
/ Updated Plugin HPET
/ Updated Plugin LibDisguises
/ Updated Plugin ProtocolLib
/ Updated Plugin TradeSystem
/ Updated Plugin Squaremap
/ Updated Plugin LibsDisguises
/ Updated Plugin WorldEdit

Removed Plugin FastAsyncWorldEdit

General Changes (Discord)

+ Added Category : SPAM STUFF
+ Added Channel : ✧》ᴍᴇᴇᴛ-ᴛʜᴇ-ᴛᴇᴀᴍ

Removed Channel : #Whitelist
Removed Role : @Whitelisted
Removed Automated ‘How do I join?’ response

General Changes (Website)

+ New branding on our Twitter account @GrottoSMP

Updated new Favicon
Adjusted a bunch of colors
Updated new Header Image
Updated new Background Image
Updated homepage Banner